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Hot and Humid!

It's only May, and it is already hot and humid. Ah, the South in the summer. Weather like this makes us long to run to the beach or the mountains! Or Iceland!

If you are making those summer vacation plans, don't forget to contact Go Fetch! Pet Care LLC to make reservations for your pets! We will keep them happy, cool and comfy while you are away.

Remember, if you are traveling with your pets, to have plenty of water on hand for them. And never leave them in a hot car! Dogs and cats can't sweat like us and succumb to the heat faster than we do!

I'd like to also remind current Go Fetch! clients to update any information that may not be current: phone numbers, contact information, etc.

By the time you read this the kids will be almost or already out of school. I hope you all have fun, stay cool and have a wonderful summer!